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Master Server: master.itbacon.com

Configure your jump server

global_name_2 "itbacon"
global_port_2 27920
global_url_2 "http://quake2.itbacon.com/public/jump"

No matter what I've tried I can't enable global sync.
So I forced it enabled in the source code for now on my build.

Below variables must be in their own file named jump_mod.cfg
Example jump_mod.cfg:

global_localhost_name "your_servername"

global_integration_enabled 1
global_ents_sync 1
global_ents_url "http://q2jump.net/~quake2/quake2/jump"
global_map_downloads 1
global_map_url "http://q2jump.net/~quake2/quake2/jump/maps"

global_name_1 "q2jump"
global_port_1 "27910"
global_url_1 "http://q2jump.net/~quake2/quake2/jump"

global_name_2 "itbacon"
global_port_2 "27920"
global_url_2 "http://quake2.itbacon.com/public/jump"